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17 January 2009 @ 12:56 am
Well, this wasn't much of a good day...  
Well, two things happened at work today.

1. I had to take someone at the counter. It was my first time... and I got yelled at because I didn't know what to do. Damn it I was nervous. And I never used the outdoor register. So, yeah, I spent an hour there. Getting yelled at twice. But I got over it.

2. Okay. I didn't react to this, but as I thought of this, I can honestly say people are sometimes RIDICULOUS! So, yeah, I can't speak Chinese. This woman was like asking a question in Chinese. The hell like I know what was she talking about. I thought she was talking to her daughter. She was actually asking how much more of the money should she add to reach 250? I kept quite, 'cause I didn't know that she was talking to me and I didn't know Chinese. So, she went of saying that I was stupid... because I wouldn't answer her.
I was like. Huh? (I just woke up from sleep/ came back from break) I didn't react to that.. suprisingly. The guard, and my friend were like. WTFH? And they were like..."OMG WHAT AN INCONSIDERATE B*TCH!" K not really, but that was close to what they were talking 'bout. LOL.

So yeah, hate Chinese people because they are harsh on you, they are unmerciful, they are biased, they are well, Chinese. I honestly thought I was gonna cry.

But I thought. This was only here. In the supermarket, near my home. Where my parents could come anytime. There are plenty of bastards and bitches in the world out there, and if I couldn't handle the pressure, I'm not strong to handle the world. So I spent the rest of the day smiling. No seriously, that's what I did. Radiantly and  happily. And I felt better doing that.
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midori hakkai: Determination :: Cho Hakkaimidori_hakkai on January 18th, 2009 12:47 am (UTC)
Aww Ryo. :(

I think I would have been close to tears too. I hate being embarrassed by other people. But then in times like these you truly realize that the world really isn't fair, that there'd always be people who ruin your day, that there'd always be people who couldn't care less about the rest. But then you also get your fair share of the nice ones. I guess it's just a matter of balance to make you strong.

Don't let them get you down :)