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12 March 2009 @ 07:38 pm
SO! XD  
So, I'm guessing that this is supposed to be the biggest post of my life because this is the point of my life that I get to know where I'm headed. Yes, I got my SPM results.

To those who don't know. SPM results here, determines what road are you going to take. It's not like, SATs though it's like, if your results qualify in this certain field, you're qualified to persue it.


I got...
7As, 3Bs, and a C!

Well, I was actually expecting 8As, because I knew I'd suck in my Chemistry, History and stuff... Suprisingly though, I got an A for my Moral (in which I failed, like almost all the time in school), whilst the usual A students get Bs. Shocked? Yeah, I admit I was.

::: So my 7 As were...

- English (it was marked two times, one by the local edication department, and one by Cambridge, both in which I got an A)
- B.M. ( Lord, I thank my tuition teacher for this! This comes from a person who never got an A in BM in class!)
- Moral (I thought I never see the day coming)
- Art (I'm glad I got this, eitherwise, Idk what will happen...)
- Physics (Yeah, hte exam rocked too!)
- Mathematics (I got an A2, suprisingly...but I'm happy as long as it's an A)
- English for Science and Tachnology (I tell you... THIS! I am ever so relieved...this paper had like, questions on Biology-related stuff, in which I never learned. So, I mustered every scientific term I had during the exam... Oh, thank GOD!)

::: My 3 Bs were...

- History (Typical. But still! a B! From a person who constantly fails in this department too!)
- Additional Maths (I also thank God for this. a B in A Maths i already good enough in my book)
- Information Gommunication and Technology (I also am thankful for this...because I had to teach mesylf the whle subject... and it was a new subject...so there weren't any past year papers)

::: And... my C was...

- CHEMISTRY! (Ugh! Screw that damn subject! I'm so sorry, teacher, but I simply have no passion for this subject. Not that I hate it though...)

All in all, I'm really thankful. I wasn't confident in most parts... but I pulled through. My aunt was right. I really needn't worry. So, I got my certificates too. All in which I got nice, clean, perfect scores. I even got a perfect score for Biology! (yes, the subject I DIDN'T take up)
So, what's next? Graphic animation, here I come! (hopefully)...
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Zymzzymz on March 12th, 2009 04:54 pm (UTC)
congratz....*goes murdering her brother for his results*