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最遊記 天「悟空」

~WhErE GoKu WiLl AlWaYs Be In My HeAvEn~

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i'm in gryffindor!

My name is Ryo, currently 16 years old. I'm a semi doujinshi-artist, and a temporarily retired semi-cosplayer and a retarded piano player. My aim is to be a graphic designer or join anything that has to do with arts (like fine arts etc). I admire detail and I'd love to visit places like France, Italy, China and Japan.

My artistic interests include anime and classical Disney animations. My favourite anime are Saiyuki and Digimon and my favourite Disney animation is The Hunchback of Notre Dame. My favourite anime character is Goku-chan from Saiyuki. X3

As for my musical interests, I play the piano, and looking forward to play a guitar. I'm not really that into hip-hop or most of American songs. However, there are two particular American singers I like and respect. Justin Tinberlake and Avril Lavigne. Usually, I'd just listen to Japanese songs. My favourite Japanese band is w-inds. Gotta love Keita's falsetto! I also love the ever-so-lovely Wada Kouji and AiM, famous for singing the theme songs for the Digimon series.

Well, what's more to say bout me? Haha. That's all for now. X3

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