Yes. This is Ryo speaking. All grown up and less sappy than the kid who wrote in this dump a few years back. I have (yet) another new blog HERE. Feel free to redirect yourself there. This will probably my last post in this journal. Might consider deleting all these horrible excuses for entries. Or maybe just set it to private. Hah. 

Anyway. See you on the other side!
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So... I have a deviantART account now. I never saw this day coming... 'cause I've always been saying that I am super-lazy to make one. So, out of demands and persuasions, I decided to make one and post my junk there. Hehe.

Man, these buttons need some getting used to...

Anyhoo, you can come and view my junk at

Enjoy!! ~Ryo-kun.

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So, I'm guessing that this is supposed to be the biggest post of my life because this is the point of my life that I get to know where I'm headed. Yes, I got my SPM results.

To those who don't know. SPM results here, determines what road are you going to take. It's not like, SATs though it's like, if your results qualify in this certain field, you're qualified to persue it.


I got...
7As, 3Bs, and a C!

Well, I was actually expecting 8As, because I knew I'd suck in my Chemistry, History and stuff... Suprisingly though, I got an A for my Moral (in which I failed, like almost all the time in school), whilst the usual A students get Bs. Shocked? Yeah, I admit I was.

::: So my 7 As were...

- English (it was marked two times, one by the local edication department, and one by Cambridge, both in which I got an A)
- B.M. ( Lord, I thank my tuition teacher for this! This comes from a person who never got an A in BM in class!)
- Moral (I thought I never see the day coming)
- Art (I'm glad I got this, eitherwise, Idk what will happen...)
- Physics (Yeah, hte exam rocked too!)
- Mathematics (I got an A2, suprisingly...but I'm happy as long as it's an A)
- English for Science and Tachnology (I tell you... THIS! I am ever so relieved...this paper had like, questions on Biology-related stuff, in which I never learned. So, I mustered every scientific term I had during the exam... Oh, thank GOD!)

::: My 3 Bs were...

- History (Typical. But still! a B! From a person who constantly fails in this department too!)
- Additional Maths (I also thank God for this. a B in A Maths i already good enough in my book)
- Information Gommunication and Technology (I also am thankful for this...because I had to teach mesylf the whle subject... and it was a new there weren't any past year papers)

::: And... my C was...

- CHEMISTRY! (Ugh! Screw that damn subject! I'm so sorry, teacher, but I simply have no passion for this subject. Not that I hate it though...)

All in all, I'm really thankful. I wasn't confident in most parts... but I pulled through. My aunt was right. I really needn't worry. So, I got my certificates too. All in which I got nice, clean, perfect scores. I even got a perfect score for Biology! (yes, the subject I DIDN'T take up)
So, what's next? Graphic animation, here I come! (hopefully)...
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Back from my 3 week vacation

Well, I'm back. I was away from home for the longest time of my life, which is for 3 weeks. I was in K.L with my mum, juniors and other teachers for a school field trip, in which i went undercover. We went to visit smart schools and technology based unis. So, basically, I'm there to uni-hunt. I found out that Malaysia-made animation really ain't bad. LOL

After my mum, juniors and teachers went back home, I stayed on with my uncle Albert, (my TuaKu) aunt and my two bratty cousins. That was where it all started. They brought me for satay on the first day and then ba ku teh on the 2nd day. And don't even get me started on the big pot of abundance my Uncle made.

Then my aunt Jassy took me round for hte weekend. We watched the Pink Panther 2. LOL Steve Martin! It wasn't bad with her. She lived alone in her condo so she didn't make me eat much. XD

Then I stayed with my mum's cousin, aunty Joo Sim for the week after. That where i discovered that romance books weren't so bad. Lol.

My aunt Jassy took me back for the weekend again, and we went to watch Marley and Me at midnight. XDD Loved the movie. A little altered from the book I must say, but I was impressed. I cried in the end. First time I cried at the movie. My aunt also bought me a charm bracelet. <3

Then, I stayed at my uncle Albert's house for the rest of the week. My cousins were kind of a pain. Knocking on my bedroom door when I was sleeping, and asking me to play the same board game every night. But all in all, they weren't as naughty as they used to be.

On Wednesday, I went to the One Academy to check the place out. Then, spent 1/2 my day with zymz at Sunway Pyramid before I went to Unitar to join one of my close friends, Fiona and her friends for the Jason Mraz concert. I must say, it was awesome. I got to see him backstage, but too bad my camera sucked and I hadn't a marker with me.

So, I flew back yesterday. Was REALLY tired cause I took the morning flight. Next week are the results. Dun Dun DUNnnn... Seriously. I'm NOT ready for a college life. >__<;

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Ryo no hen na sekai...

Hahaha! I'm living a wierd life right now. No school, no job, just sitting at home glued to the tube. Anyway, out of my free time, I got to do more sketches at my art blog.

I've also ventured to search for the Japanese versions of the Disney movies and the movie Anastasia. So far, I've got Aladdin and Anastasia. XD My favourite songs were "Prince Ali" from Aladdin, 'cause I really admire the guy who seiyuu'd Genie here, y'know, with the voice changing to match the wierd characters he transforms into. In Anastasia, I love "Learn to Do it" and "Once Upon a December". I love Anya/Anastasia's voice! XD And Dmitri sounds cute too. Ah~ how I missed that movie...Oh and Rasputin's "Dasubidanya" (Dasvidanya). LOL @ the Japanese version. XDD

Y'know...the Japanese should make their own theatre/broadway-like shows.

I've also came across Jackie Chan's song for the Movie Mulan. He sings "Make a Man out of You". Hahaha. It's wierd a little but I really love it. I've also found the French version of "There's a Rumour in St. Petersburg".

I'm going to Kuala Lumpur next week. Hopeully I'll be able to find some useful artbooks/photobooks there. Not to mention of course Cds and music books. XD

In the future, I plan to make some environment-friendly themed comics/illusts. So, I'll be posting all around later. XD See ya, peeps.
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Ryo's last week at work...

So, I'm resigning somewhere this week. I must admit after all the ups and downs at work. I think I'm gonna miss working there. I missed being bullied, somewhat by those older than me. LOL!! But All is good. I'm getting my pay this weekend and I can start my driving and other activities later on.

I was searching through the Golf Club's library and apparently found some old magazines. Since drawing the cast of FRIENDS will be my next project alongside drawing David Cook, I decided to search for some good quality pics of them and the best inexpensive source was the library! XD I could only find Jennifer Aniston (during her time married to Brad Pitt) and Courtney Cox (having just married David Arquette). So, I'll look harder this week 'cause there are many more to go through.

So, this Valentines Day, I was planning to see MArley and Me. With who? I dunno. I don't have and don't want to have a boyfriend at the moment, so right now, I'm trying to find someone who will willingly go to the movies and enjoy the film with me... ('cause I LOVE the book!) Plus Jen is in that movie too!

This 18th of Feb, I'll be going to KL and will be asking my aunt about the Canadian visa-thing. *sigh* She's gonna go to Vancouver... and I was hoping to go along too...
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Stuck in 2nd gear...

I feel terrible. For missing RELOAD and GAIDEN all this time. I practically forgot all about that. *pulls hair*

Anyway, I start work again today. I'm gonna work for at least one more week. And then, I'll start my road test. XD NOthing much to say really. Have 5 minutes more...before work starts.
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New stuff. Old stuff.

New Blog. Old Blog.

Hey peeps. XD Just to let you know, I've updated my art blog, ryomurasaki . Also, I have a new personal blog at blogspot, in which I describe to my friends about my daily life. So I've been thinking about this blog...and the two others. Whether to let this go or not. But then again, I think, I have been attached to this blog for years. So, I don't think I'll be letting go of this blog so easily. I'll still be using it, but maybe not posting so much.

New Fandom. Old show.

I am currently addicted to F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Y'know, the tv show? I've been watching the reruns on tv, and I've been so addicted to it. I have been growing up with this show, but previously, I couldn't understand the adult jokes because I was still a kid. But now, oh, wow, it's the best sitcom EVAR!! I was and still am a fan of Ross and Rachel, but lately after re-watching the whole thing again, I've grown a soft spot for Rachel and Joey. Two of my favourite characters! XD Yaay! I'll be trying to sketch all six of them and I'll post them up on my art blog when I'm done. So exited!

New style. Same Celebration.

This Chinese New Year, my family will be making a little twist. Instead of ordering catered food, we'll be cooking. I'll be making dessert ('cause I'm not so good with frying and cooking and stuff) and also will be helping my mum a little with the ingredients. We'll be having, like a dinner party for our closest friends. So it'll be fun.

New songs. Same instrument.

Piano sheets! I finally have time to download some piano sheets! I've downloaded "I'll be there for you" by the Rambrants, a.k.a Friends' theme song, some Abba songs and I've got some sheets from my friend and teacher too. I've got some Leona Lewis, some K-pop, and some Mozart. XD

So I'll see ya guys later! Night!
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Well, this wasn't much of a good day...

Well, two things happened at work today.

1. I had to take someone at the counter. It was my first time... and I got yelled at because I didn't know what to do. Damn it I was nervous. And I never used the outdoor register. So, yeah, I spent an hour there. Getting yelled at twice. But I got over it.

2. Okay. I didn't react to this, but as I thought of this, I can honestly say people are sometimes RIDICULOUS! So, yeah, I can't speak Chinese. This woman was like asking a question in Chinese. The hell like I know what was she talking about. I thought she was talking to her daughter. She was actually asking how much more of the money should she add to reach 250? I kept quite, 'cause I didn't know that she was talking to me and I didn't know Chinese. So, she went of saying that I was stupid... because I wouldn't answer her.
I was like. Huh? (I just woke up from sleep/ came back from break) I didn't react to that.. suprisingly. The guard, and my friend were like. WTFH? And they were like..."OMG WHAT AN INCONSIDERATE B*TCH!" K not really, but that was close to what they were talking 'bout. LOL.

So yeah, hate Chinese people because they are harsh on you, they are unmerciful, they are biased, they are well, Chinese. I honestly thought I was gonna cry.

But I thought. This was only here. In the supermarket, near my home. Where my parents could come anytime. There are plenty of bastards and bitches in the world out there, and if I couldn't handle the pressure, I'm not strong to handle the world. So I spent the rest of the day smiling. No seriously, that's what I did. Radiantly and  happily. And I felt better doing that.
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