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09 March 2009 @ 08:41 pm
Back from my 3 week vacation  
Well, I'm back. I was away from home for the longest time of my life, which is for 3 weeks. I was in K.L with my mum, juniors and other teachers for a school field trip, in which i went undercover. We went to visit smart schools and technology based unis. So, basically, I'm there to uni-hunt. I found out that Malaysia-made animation really ain't bad. LOL

After my mum, juniors and teachers went back home, I stayed on with my uncle Albert, (my TuaKu) aunt and my two bratty cousins. That was where it all started. They brought me for satay on the first day and then ba ku teh on the 2nd day. And don't even get me started on the big pot of abundance my Uncle made.

Then my aunt Jassy took me round for hte weekend. We watched the Pink Panther 2. LOL Steve Martin! It wasn't bad with her. She lived alone in her condo so she didn't make me eat much. XD

Then I stayed with my mum's cousin, aunty Joo Sim for the week after. That where i discovered that romance books weren't so bad. Lol.

My aunt Jassy took me back for the weekend again, and we went to watch Marley and Me at midnight. XDD Loved the movie. A little altered from the book I must say, but I was impressed. I cried in the end. First time I cried at the movie. My aunt also bought me a charm bracelet. <3

Then, I stayed at my uncle Albert's house for the rest of the week. My cousins were kind of a pain. Knocking on my bedroom door when I was sleeping, and asking me to play the same board game every night. But all in all, they weren't as naughty as they used to be.

On Wednesday, I went to the One Academy to check the place out. Then, spent 1/2 my day with zymz at Sunway Pyramid before I went to Unitar to join one of my close friends, Fiona and her friends for the Jason Mraz concert. I must say, it was awesome. I got to see him backstage, but too bad my camera sucked and I hadn't a marker with me.

So, I flew back yesterday. Was REALLY tired cause I took the morning flight. Next week are the results. Dun Dun DUNnnn... Seriously. I'm NOT ready for a college life. >__<;

Current Mood: awakeawake
Current Music: "Lucky" Jason Mraz and Colbie Callait