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13 January 2009 @ 10:26 pm
I SO need a diary/notebook thing to straighten out my schedule.

Work sched

Mon- Full
Tues- Morning
Wed- Full
Thurs- idk
Fri- idk
Sat- Full
Sun- idk

Next week, we'll be working till midnight. Great. So, WHEN am I going to start baking? *sigh* At least my pay's big.

Other acivities

Wed- American Idol 8 on tv
Thurs- idk, guess I'll work
Friday- piano class
Saturday- off day, 2nd driving course, road test, movie day!, and shopping for ingredients
Sunday- work, and hopefully time to go to church.

I feel kinda good today. Work is nice so far. Minus the crappy first day, things seem to be going smooth. My friends and supervisors are so nice! And the guards take time ocassionally to mess around with us. YEa, who cares of the stinkin' security cam anyway. lol
I bought a pair of red earrings today. I have grown a fettish for earrings, I think. Especially those dangly ones. They're nice to play with. Anyway, I bought the red earrings for Chinese New Year. Next I think I'll look for a pair of green ones. XD

Suddenly, I learn to appreciate colours like, brown and green...and...wow...um...pink? Still, not too girly. But yeah, I think I'm comfortable with pink now. Lol.

I learned new words today at work.

Wo yao che fang (sp?)- I wanna eat rice.

Ryo deshita.

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12 January 2009 @ 11:01 pm
Oh my asdfghjk gosh. You wont BELIEVE what happened at work today.

Well, to make the long story short, I simply had a workout today. I saw this grandma pulling up a trolley to my friend, Cathrine's counter. So, I decided to help 'cause it's the polite thing to do. So, I peeped into the trolley. 4 BAGS OF RICE!! 

Me and Cat: Waaa~~

So, ya, Cat did a cat scan over the bars and stuff, while I helped packed the stuff. Then the old lady, began pushing another trolley towards us. Oh, this wasn't unnusual, I thought. It's common for Chinese families to be buying many groceries 'cause of Chinese new year.
So, Cat scanned somemore.

and then...

came the THIRD trolley. And ajdfghjk was it FULL!!! Me and Cat were like... o_________________o Oh mai...asdfggj gosh.

Me: So, how much do you think...
Cat: 600...?

So, I had to carry stuff up to the counter, pack them, and put them in the trolley again. Those stuff were heavy you know. In the end, it all added up to one really, reaaally long reciept and 700+ bucks.

Me: Woa
Cat: Yea, broke my record already...

So, yea, besides all that, I did some running up the stairs, more packing and carrying heavy bags. One auntie also wanted me to carry her stuff to her car. I was happy to do it, but man, was it heavy.

So yea, it seems like, my job is like my gym too. LOL
Geez, I really gotta get back to drawing soon... >_< I haven't been indulging myself into it for a very long time.

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12 January 2009 @ 07:50 am
...well it was. Finally, I passed my law test. I was happy, of course. I got myself some nice well-earned sleep after that. Ironically, right...i didn't study much... 'cause I had like, 2 hours to prepare since I was busy from my job.

So, next, I'm gonna sit for another course. And then, I'll take me lessons on the road.

Full shift again today. Gosh, will I be exhausted...
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11 January 2009 @ 01:06 am
After 1/2 day of sleeping, I still feel very tired. I haven't been able to study for my 3rd driving test. Shit. Haven't been able to bake for CNY, haven'y been able to play the piano or the guitar, haven't been able to watch the rerun of FRIENDS on tv, haven't been able to watch movies, haven't been able to hang out with my friends, haven't been able to shop, haven't been able to play with Hazel, my dog, haven't been able to just...sleep contently.

Going to work has been like going to school; 'cept, I work till 9:30 pm or 10pm (and next week, I'll be working till midnight). Imagine. Working from 9am to midnight. With two half-hour breaks. Though, I'll be a getting A LOT from this, OMG, I am so gonna die! K, not really. I also meet new people for the first time in my life; cept these people are of ALL ages. Some will be biased bitches, some will be friendly buddies (I seem to get plenty of those in just this week), and some will be friendly acquaintances.

The guard, Uncle Durian thought I was a Korean. Since I don't know how to speak Chinese. LOL

asdfghjk Tomorrow is my stupid driving test (take three). Lets see how I do this time...without a week of studying.

I want to go watch MARLEY AND ME!! sdfghjkl *flails for Owen and Jen and those cute dogs who play Marley)
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09 January 2009 @ 11:59 pm
Wow. Work was overwhelming. Now I know how it's like. Work was fine despite all the standing I had to do. Imagine standing for like, 10 hours. OMG.

...I have realized that...speaking Chinese seems to be a necessity to survive the cold world out there. Lemme tell you a thing or two about a typical Chinese. One, they scold you if you get a tiny bit of thing wrong. Two, they stick to their own kind. Three, they're very "kiasu" (don't give up so easily/ competitive).

Since I don't speak Chinese, some of my Chinese friends don't seem to talk to me often. Though they can speak English. Also, the customers are mostly Chinese (since Chinese New Year is Coming), so they speak Chinese to me. I have to say that I don't understand. Oh yes, I also must say that usually Chinese (esp the elder ones) are rather impatient. So, if you don't give them what they want, they'll complain, and nag. Blah-de-blah-blah.

So, this is why I hate being Chinese, but still I'm proud to be one.

So, everything seems fine. I'm starting to learn a little bit of Chinese from my "ta che" (big sisters). LOL Tomorrow, I'm working in the afternoon. So I have the whole morning to sleep in.


Finished Marley and Me last night. This book was even harder to finish than the last Harry Potter novel. I couldn't stop crying (yes, I cry like hell when it comes to animals, esp dogs) Marley was such a happy-go-lucky dog, who still shows love to his owners, through his fatal conditions at old age. That made me cry, because it reminded me of my old dog, Brain, whom, at old age too, was still loyal to me and our family.

God bless Marley and Brain. R.I.P.

Next, I wanna read the adventures of the beedle the bard (this, I think I can finish it in a few hours) and the Pillars of the Earth!!! XD Need to pull my dad to the book store.
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05 January 2009 @ 11:00 am
Failed my law test again. WHY is it must I fail such tests by one mark? Okay, here's the stupid thing.

I was doing my law test for the second time, 'cause I failed by one mark at first. There was ONE question yesterday, where I can't see the answer, so I had to randomly pick the answer 'cause the people couldn't do anything to make the answer visible.

SO! I clicked, clicked and clicked. And as it turns out...


Right~ and one question is not important. It's times like these I want to condemn the government. Screw their brains!


So, I cried. And my dad scolded me. And I locked myself in my room. I slept terribly that afternoon. We went to church in the evening. I was somewhat eager to go to church 'cause it seems like going to church sucks the shittyness away. And it did. Felt better after that. Love you God. XD

I wanna add one more thing to my resolution.


My aunt was right. Malaysia sucks.

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31 December 2008 @ 10:29 pm
New Year Resolutions Time!

Here were 2008's...

- Achieve my best in my exams so that I'm eligible to apply to be an exchange student.
- Play the piano more seriously, get myself a guitar!
- Achieve more in art and perspective. X3
- Cook better...=_=;
- Be a better person
- Look for a freakin' Part-time job!
- Clean my room *somehow*
- Get myself a PC/laptop
- Work out and lose weight...

Well, i DID most of what was on the list. I did get myself a guitar. I did go for a few art classes and learnt a bit more about perspective. I don't know if I cook better now, but I have embraced the art of baking! <3 Being a better person...thanks to Archie, I think I have-ish. Just need to erase the swearing habit a little bit more. I did clean my room...at one point... and then it got messy again. Also, at one point I did lose weight. But after Christmas, I think I need to reren the activity again... *cries*

So, 2009, here I come!!

New Year Resolutions

- master the guitar
- further my studies
- be a neater person
- be a better person
- get my driver's liscence
- draw something realistic
- bake better
- cook better
- sing better...?
- um.. learn to shop for clothes...
- learn to be a real girl

Okay. That's just about it. I'm getting a job next week. Yaay!   What I really need to do now is to become more of my own gender...'cause well, whf, it's part of growing up innit? And people are judging you everywhere. Ah, well. I've adapted to earrings... (love playing with the dangly ones) and now on to...shoes and skirts...?!!


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28 December 2008 @ 09:52 pm
LOL sometimes I just can't believe what I'm writing... *looks at previous post* *laughs*

Anyway, I'm in a super good mood today. Plainly because it's Christmas week!! XD And it's David Archuleta's birthday!! Happy 18th brithday, David!

So, Christmas week was spent in Sabah! XD There, I got closer to nature. Went hiking, snorkelling and running everywhere for Christmas gifts. So, anyway, at one point of the vacation, I was walking down the street and ame to a GLORIOUS christmas tree. It was beautiful. And some good feeling came over me. I felt good. No other words to describe but that one simple word.

So, yeah, I decided I prayed that night in the hotel. Actually. What I really wanted for Christmas was David Archuleta's album...'cause I was too pathetically poor to buy one. But, instead, I said, I didn't want the album, nor did I want anything. I wanted my family to be happy always. This though came over me...because after watching a few Christmas shows on the hotel tv and walking past the Christmas decos, I felt that that was what I really wanted. I wanted all our family problems to be solved, and I didn't regret saying that.

I bought...

David Cook album for my dad, because he likes David Cook.
Initial D album for my bro 'cause he likes cars.
Storybook for my sis 'cause I want her to read.
Fluffy slippers for my mum 'cause she cooks for us everyday.

And I was happy not expecting anything in return on Christmas day.

And well, that lead me to getting...

DAVID ARCHULETA ALBUM (my bro got it for me)
GUITAR (dad bought for me)

on David Archuleta's birthday!!!

I admit though, my mum bought me cross earrings and I found DAVID ARCHULETA LIVE STORY MAGAZINE earlier, but I guess you could say I bought it as a Christmas present for myself (since it was the ONLY thing I bought for myself). Spent 35.90 on that. I never regret buying it. XDDD

HIS SISTER LIKES ANIME! Can you believe that?
Anyway, that's why I'm feeling happy today. I guess its okay to get mad once in a while and rant like a mad idiot to get things of your chest. But it's also important to realize your sins and ask for forgiveness. Haha.


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16 December 2008 @ 01:40 pm
by: Li'l David Archuleta

*fangirl mode* wtf??

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16 December 2008 @ 01:23 pm
David Archuleta's 2nd single " A LITTLE TOO NOT OVER YOU " will be premiered later today!!! ("tomorrow" in American time)

*ish exited* XD

oooh~ a recipe on pumpkin pie~

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Current Music: "A little too not over you"- David Archuleta